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Okay, I have a few wild ideas. Assuming these ideas are used at all, I'd assume that they would not be allowed in PvP or group content (such as FPs or ops).

First, a tactical item allowing dual-stances for companions. Paxton Rall can do his healing moves and dps moves at the same time? That would be rad!

Second, something similar to Satele Shan's "Battle Meditation" from the solo Revan fight on Yavin 4. It massively buffs Mastery and Endurance and resources. (If I remember correctly, my sorcerer went up to 800 Force from 600? Whereas my PT went up to 200 or 300 heat capacity. Etc.) Mastery and Endurance buffs would be kinda useless with level sync, so maybe just a straight buff to health and/or Power, Alacrity, and/or Crit?

This "Battle Meditation" could potentially be companion based too, that is, a companion has to be active and channeling Battle Meditation indefinitely (until you click it off) to do so. (Of course, if the companion isn't doing anything else, I'd hope his battle meditation includes healing.)

Thirdly, an even wilder idea. Something that lets you use a move from another class. I know that I would love to have Force Choke on my sorcerer. (Even more so if it hits 3 or more targets at once, but that's totally beyond the realm of plausibility, I'm sure, except as a warrior-specific tac item, I'm sure.)

Yeah, yeah, I know that last idea is totally crazy. I told you it was wild, and even if it was somehow accepted by the devs it would likely only be allowable in non-PvP, non-group content.
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