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I'm still unclear on what a Tactical Item looks like.
Is it a mod that I add to a piece of armor ?
Is it a consumable ?
Is it a 15th piece of gear ?
Does it have a cooldown ?

I'm also fuzzy on how these are different than the Utility system already in place.

Clarifications welcome!
I too am unclear on these. I think I need a specific example of something the devs have in mind.

As for set bonuses, I'd like to see some pvp vs operations set bonus. Or perhaps even piloting set bonuses for people that like solo space missions (lol) and starfighter.

For tactical item, I'll take a shot in the dark: how about some buff to energy regen, or perhaps the Tac item raises my energy limit to 110 (instead of the standard 100 ceiling)? For example, when I play Scrapper, that spec is extremely energy hungry, particularly when fighting multiple targets. I'd love to have more energy to Sucker Punch the bad buys. Punching bad guys is music to the ears.
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