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Quote: Originally Posted by Nakemi View Post
Oh I absolutely agree, if you prefer to use it then by all means use it .
My problem with it comes from the countless pre-wipe posts about how it is a MUST and you cannot heal without it. It is a shame not all people are as level headed as yourself and will swear blind us noobs who dont use it cannot heal.
Anyhow I apologise if what I said implied I dont want people to play how they enjoy.
Anyone can be a great healer using what they prefer, the problem your talking about with people is that they learned one way and now CANT adapt lol.

I find its the same with the people who ONLY click heal, they get livid when talking about mouseover healing. They never used it, and have no desire to try to adapt to it.

Im old, played since EQ1 and have used just about every healing targeting style out there. Even if i dont PREFER it, I can use click targeting just fine. Heck, I can keep a raid alive with a tampon string, some bubble gum and a toothpick if I have to just might not be the most enjoyable time ever lol