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06.07.2019 , 04:52 PM | #3
Par for the course. There is no deterrent. A friend of mine told me they made a few toons on Star Forge and said team ranked is nothing but full of wintrading. You guys have only issued a handful of perma bans. Solos aren't fairing any better; getting friends on alts or alt accounts to throw for you on the opposing team and EU is full of literal bots from he who shall not be named.

Also, why haven't you guys opened up a dialogue on some of these wintraders seemingly having control on customer support? He who shall not be named has admitted to being employed by one of your EU locations, likely the one in Ireland where your ToS team is based. He has insiders that are aiding and abetting his and his friends' illegal behavior.

Ugh I give up
Don't flatter yourself, EA/BW. I'm just here by the grace of a referral.