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Hmm... okay. I know that screenshot qualifies for the solo kills category on Strike Fighter, cause pretty much every one of those were solo kills, but I have no proof.

And yeah, Tenebrious is really good. I've only killed him like, twice. haven't seen him since October or maybe November.

Is it possible you might do a best of server category?

On another note, Traesha pointed out that most of these, barring the ship-specific categories, were accomplished by T1 Gunships and T2 Strikes. And a lot of these seem like they're pretty old; many of those servers have almost no population now. Maybe it's time for a 4.0+ list? Start fresh? A lot of pilots don't play anymore (e.g. I've never seen anyone named "Dres" on Jedi Covenant and I've been flying for almost a year now) and there are a lot of new ones who deserve to make the board.

I'm not suggesting this so I'll have a spot on the list; chances are I won't. It just seems like this is kind of outdated now, and that there's no real aspiration to try and go for records.

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