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I... I never considered that those might be the Yuuzhan Vong, holy ****.

You know, i was gonna go on a rant how, regardless of how much i like or dislike the Yuuzhan Vong arc, they simply wouldn't fit in SWTOR since they appear several thousand years in the future, but if what Canderous described could actually be them, then it could actually make sense.

Imagine, suddenly you get reports of several sightings similar to what Canderous described, you are sent to investigate, and it turns out to be a Yuuzhan Vong scout fleet. If something like this does get implemented, i would prefer it be on a smaller scale, not a galaxy-wide conflict. Restrict it to one or a couple outer rim systems, and your mission is to destroy the fleet before they leave the galaxy and call the cavalry, all the while trying to keep the war a secret from the rest of the galaxy to avoid all-out panic in an already war-torn and chaotic time.

They would make an excelent enemy as they would prove a challenge for both force users and "normal" people, so nobody would feel out of place.

The more i think about this the more i like the idea.
Yeah a skirmish with the scouts is all we can have at this point, though I personally find it unlikely they'll tackle the Yuuzhan Vong within the game.
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