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You qinnmancers are so weird

So your ok with wanting to be in a relationship with some who tryed to kill you?

There is no way you can rationalize that unless you have some bizzare case of Stockholm syndrome, the only reason anyone should be reasonably excited about this is if you are looking forward to rectifying the original class stories mistake of not being able to kill him

In a game with weak female romances quinn is still one of the worsts, picking his job over his feelings for you, i actully felt pity for the female SW when she says "but i thought you loved me".

So im happy too that he's back, so i can finally put that traitor where he belongs, 6 feet under.
It's called forgiveness and understanding, look into it. My SW understood that Baras forced his hand. What is he, a mere human going to do against a powerful Sith lord like Baras? It's basically a death sentence Baras put on him, either Baras kills him, or SW does. Sith Warrior saw the value in his intelligence and strategic thinking and knew Baras would want to part SW from her strategy putting Quinn in this position, he would be depriving SW of their strategizer and analyser. A smart SW would see this and keep Quinn, if for no other reason than to spite and defeat Baras. My SW just happened to be married and in love with him, so she understood. I imagine they had a good talk about it, and vowed never to keep such things secret again.

Stockholm Syndrome isn't applicable in this case, because we are not a prisoner who loves our 'captor'.

You think Quinnmancers are weird, what about all the folks wanting Arcann love? It'd be like loving Hitler...he killed millions by trashing all those worlds, but some want to love him. Go figure. By comparison, I think we Quinnmancers are pretty tame lol. Besides, didn't you see the part about haters in the title?
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