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When it comes to Dulfy, preaching to the choir here - in my guild we call her the Oracle (nerdy Greek history pun). Although it'll end up sorta buried here on the last page, may as well link the Dulfy Vanguard guide here. And yes, much of the Dulfy guide will look like gibberish (especially since the different builds/"loadouts" are explained in terms of lv 60 ops boss fights, it really isn't going to make much sense to the uninitiated.

I also agree that there *is* indeed a good set of basic tanking info up front that doesn't really change with patches (or ever, really). There are parts where it arguably gets a bit too dense for the truly new player, but that's a nitpick.

I guess the least I can do is either make or find a competing VG tanking guide that pretty much just updates this one. If I find the time to do it, due credit will be given to this. It would be nice of your OP buddy can come back and brush this up though, since I'm kinda lazy.
I've talked to him to come back, but the ability delay, lag and bugs turned him off from 3.0. He bough the xpac, tried it for a short while said "screw this" and went back to WoW.

I'll keep bugging him though. Maybe I'll just open a new thread, copy + paste the relevant info from this one and give him credit and update the parts for 3.0. If I feel like being productive or something.
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