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I disagree completely that it should be unstickied. The OP has tons of good info for beginner tanks such as what threat is, how to generate it, how others generate it (DPS/Healers). Tips on how to pull mobs - LOS pulls, single target pulls when there are multiple targets, and a lot more. This guide is a gold mine of info on general "*** is tanking", not just PT/Vanguard tank.

Take a look at the PT/Vanguard guide on Dulfy, it's great for someone who is at endgame, knows what tanking is and is looking for how to gear + optimal rotation. This is more about beginners and telling them their role in a group and what IS tanking, what happens when you tank and what it is your doing. That Dulfy guide will be gibberish for a new player wanting to tank who is both new to MMO's and new to tanking in general. For example, there are SO few tanks out there who don't realize that heals generate 45% threat on all targets you are in combat with and so guarding a healer is stupid because a simple saber strike or rapid shots will out threat them easily. "LOS pull? What does that mean?" another question so many tanks I've run into have.

While the rotation, skill points (there are none) and rotation are "off " because since the last time this was updated, things were moved around (Energy Blast at one time didn't have the 25% shield chance, I distinctly remember having vanguard tanks use hybrids due to them having more survivability and threat AKA Carolina Parakeet for anyone who remembers THAT OP spec), the rest of the general information in the beginning about general tanking is gold.

I wish I could update the OP for him as it requires very little changing, but I can't. Though I've been trying to convince him to come back to play for a bit.

TL: DR - This thread is gold for new players wanting to know what tanking is, bad for someone who wants an updated guide on gear/optimal rotation. Thread should remain stickied just for the goldmine of info it has for new players who don't know anything about what tanking is and need a basic rundown. You want an updated guide for talents/optimal gear/rotation? go check Dulfy.
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