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I'm just wondering if I could still marry Lana Beniko even if I skipped KoTFE and only finished KoTET and currently on to Iokath. Will the romance option come up for Lana or will I have to redo everything from beginning? Oh and when does the romance lock for Lana Beniko where you can progress through the story, I have a feeling I'm too late

P.S I've completed the game way too many times already but have never tested this theory out, I just want to ask before I realize I need to restart again. Thank you
You're *way* too late. The initial lock-in for the romance is your character's *first* play-through of KotFE chapters I to IX (it happens in IX, but you have to flirt beforehand). A "skipped" character counts, for skipped content, as already having done the "first play" thing.

There are flirts with Lana at various points starting in Chapter IV, with one extra one in Chapter III if you save the reactor. Flirt like the future happiness of your character depends on it.

And do it on the weekend so that it won't get scuppered by a patch. (Long story.)

Also read this:
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The basic schema for the next character (the same schema applies to Lana or Koth):
* Start KotFE Chapter I.
* Play through to the beginning of Chapter IX // the end of Chapter VIII *without* there being a patch.
* It doesn't have to be at one straight-through sitting (five or six hours if you watch all the cinematics), but it *can* be.
* For best results, start on Friday night and play at various times during the weekend. They've never released patches other than Tuesday (normal day), Thursday (once in a while, usually for emergency fixes), and Wednesday (*once* only if memory serves), and certainly they wouldn't release one *on* the weekend itself.
* Do not start your "at one sitting" run at 9pm. I did this one time, and finished at about 3am.
* On the way to Chapter IX, flirt with Lana (or Koth if he's your target) at every chance you get.
* Reach the cantina scene in Chapter IX.

When you reach the atrocity wheel(1), it *should* look like this:
1. I want to speak with one of you.
2. [Flirt] I want to speak with one of you.

The exact wording depends on your class, but options 1 and 2 are always the same on the wheel, apart from the [Flirt] tag. Pick Option Two. That takes you to a conversation where you'll get another [Flirt] option. Pick It. You'll get a pop-up warning you that you are about to start a romance. Click CONFIRM.

Then play through the rest of the chapter normally, all the way up to the point where you begin Chapter X (with a cinematic full of blither about "Firebrand").

What if the atrocity wheel has only one option?
1. I want to speak with one of you.

The solution below is slightly theoretical. People have talked about it, but I've never had the problem, so I can't vouch for its validity.

*Immediately* bail out of the conversation by pressing Esc. Start any earlier chapter (use Shift+E to get the Chapters panel, then make sure to press PLAY / LAUNCH so that you get *into* the chapter). Restart Chapter IX and take the flirts with Theron. This reactivates the "Atrocity Wheel Option 2 needed" state on your character.

In all cases, once you've locked the romance in place, make sure to finish the chapter!

Final note: the marriage proposal (we haven't seen the wedding itself) happens at the end of the "series of flashpoints" story arc that follows KotET, in the aftermath of the Nathema Conspiracy step.

(1) "wheel" because it's a dialogue wheel. "atrocity" because it's an atrocity in game story progress management.
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