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But like he said if you post on the forums at all there is your display name, not the email address, i only see this making it easier for peoples accounts to get hacked....
A) EAware redefining terms AGAIN. Display Name = Forum "Handle" for those curious.

B) While at first blush it would seem that going from Email ( usually unknown/private ) to Handle ( very public ) there may seem to be a risk to security for hacking. I for one would expect to have A LOT of hacking attempts given how many people "love me" here. What you have is a fall back to the "questions" you were asked to associate with your account. These are triggerred if you don't log in from a consistante IP. Update your questions and change your password to be 10+ characters long with at least 2 Upper case, 2 lower case letters, 2 numbers, and 2 special characters. Nothing to worry about.