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05.15.2019 , 05:21 AM | #1
So I am just back to the game after leaving in 2015!. Some buddies have started running flashpoints and I have been chosen as healer. I have healed in other MMOs before (Warcraft, ESO)

From a Character point of view I really love Operatove. I like the stealth, the Imp side rifle, and the story line. But.. the heals are weird. My main heal has a delay from the time I push the button to the time it works. Also I cannot move and heal which really stinks.

I hear people say: Play Sorc! But I canít. Because I only play droid characters. And Iím going to say something crazy.... I donít like Jedi. Thatís not my Star Wars.

So considering I am only level 23 and just got my scanning ability at 18 to help manage energy, does healing get easier or more mobile as an operative? Or should I start looking at Mando?