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because of how the game is built. simple. VG/PT goes over the "default" melee range (they get 10m) so techblades would not work, and an off hand pistol with main hand shiv just would not work since they are not actually modelled to be your main weapons
And how it looks now is stupid. Plus with VG/PT their hardest hitting abilities are in melee range. Shock strike, ion pulse.

It would be a bit of a pain to change the animations to allow the changes, but everything is there already to solve it. And for the OP, they should be using pistols. At least then, it would look better, least from my POV. No point having a rifle and most of my attacks come from a freaking shiv. Atleast make the main hand a pistol so when I do the shiv attacks it doesn't look so insane.
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