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The decision to merge into the Empire or stay as an ally was an interesting one...but, it's the sort of thing I would've wanted to discuss with the likes of Lana and Theron because I already knew Theron was going to be upset as it was. I could well imagine that Theron might leave if you choose to rejoin the Empire.

I also have no idea how that choice works out for your Odessen base and the people who are there. Still, as I do like Acina but don't trust her at all, I felt it best to stay as an ally rather than become part of the Empire again, but also because I offered Malora a place in the Alliance if she wanted and that's kind of hard to do if the Alliance is no more. Personally I would normally have wanted to choose to rejoin the Empire but I do like the independence I have. Still stupid to be called Commander but if that's what it takes to be my own boss I guess that's alright then.

However, there is something that really annoyed me that you could call a bug or an oversight but there is the option to kill Vowrawn and his sidekick. This actually works. However, I still got a mail from him commenting no the victory as if he was still alive and when you talk to Acina in the end he also makes a comment. His body's not there but the convo still is.

That's just a rather unfortunate oversight.
you dont like being called Commander? well at least you arent a Agent, i got promoted from Commander to Commander

oh, and considering his history Theron has absolutely no right to be upset, he lost any moral high ground a long time ago