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07.09.2017 , 01:04 AM | #6
Here's the rub though, if they don't add controller or joystick support, how are you going to entice those players who are willing to play gsf into the game mode without it?

I'd play, but lack of controller support essentially means I really will not bother. It's not something I would play with keyboard or mouse, period. Regardless of whatever "reasoning" you may want to come up with to justify the lack of support for controllers or joysticks that has been requested since the game mode was introduced.

BioWare said they would look at that when feedback was given, but to this date nothing has been said further by them about it. I'd link the thread but it isn't coming up on forum search for what I'm searching under.

TL;DR - No controller and joystick support essentially kills GSF for many players. Nothing else changed is going to make a difference.
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