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07.16.2013 , 04:26 PM | #88
Not convinced by the skill tree. I'd dump the following personally:
  • Defensive Measures - this is really a PvP ability; don't think it has any benefit in PvE
  • Neural overload - you hardly ever do Ion Cell damage
  • Scrap Satchel - again more useful in PvP rather than PvE. ES is a relatively expensive talent, so only really worth using the 2 free charges you get from Storm.

Should definitely have 3 points in Focused Impact as High Impact Bolt should be a key part of the rotation, especially as given Supercharged Ion Cell it does damage to several targets against mobs.

I'd also personally put the other two points into Heavy Stock as again Stockstrike should be a key part of the rotation so doing added damage will increase DPS and maintain threat.