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Here is my suggestion: What if Bioware put instead of all the mechanical mounts in game put in a tauntaun speeder thaqt looks like a tauntaun running with the player on top. That would be so awsome and so many people would like it. It would be different from what you usually do and it would be liked by players everywhere. You may say how can a tauntaun go as fast as a mechanical mount? well I have a tauntaun ram pet the goes almost as fast as me when I am on my speeder. all you would have to do is change a few of those mechanics or adapt them and we could have a tauntaun speeder with moving legs and tauntaun noises running around. It can be an adaptive speeder or just a rank 3 speeder that does at 110% speed or something but it would be very cool to have and use.

Now here is another suggestion if you decide to add a tauntaun speeder: please make it so its possible for regular players to get it without having to buy a bunch of cartel coins or to do a hardmode operation or something. Please make it so either it would cost only a few cartel coins or that you would have to do a simple quest in order to get it, because I would not want it to become like other cool speeders such as the overlords command throne and end up being charged for by players on the gtn or in chat fdor 3 million credits. I want it to be one of the few very cool speeders to be available to the common players who don't do ops or don't buy 3,000 cartel coins to waste on stuff.

Food for thought.

W....what? Why Taun Taun Speeder? Just TAUN TAUNS WOULD BE AWESOME.