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kinda wondering for heals tough, if we were pushing DR before, shouldnt some augment go into either power or mastery for a better hps gain? Simiarly for dps, 242 was pushing DR on a lot of spec, I expected some extra mastery might appear on BiS, as they were already replacing some crystal for some.
This is strictly for Operative healer but I thought I bring this up. Before Master Bant retired he gave me the math for Operative healing in when the DR on crit/alacrity hits its breaking point for Mastery and/or Power becomes better to stack. Long story short, it's such a high number that you shouldn't be stacking anything but crit/alacrity for a long time with the current DRs. I don't know if this is the same for merc or Sorc though. They might be in the same situtation. Also one of the things he brought up that was interesting is, as Mastery increases the effectiveness of crit/alacrity goes up (not sure if this applies strictly to Healers or in all situations?). Have to keep that in mind; im not a math genius but that probably argues for Healers to keep stacking crit/alacrity for a while. That is just a guess though.
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