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Well, see... it's the "hero" part which seems to be lacking. Sure, he's got awful luck and things go really badly, but it's pretty much all his fault. That is something you see in classic tragedy, but normally the hero has redeeming qualities and it's his one fatal flaw that undermines his best efforts to do good.

Anakin is chock full of flaws, but it appears that 'Ol Lucas forgot to give him any heroic characteristics. He's a great warrior... but then again, so was General Grievous. He's a superb pilot... but that's not really heroic, is it? He loves Padme... but then again, Hitler probably loved Eva Braun. Romantic entanglements don't qualify you as a hero, either.

So, ah... where is the heroism of Anakin? We see none of it in the films, which is kind of a big problem if the saga is, as Lucas claims, the "Tragedy of Darth Vader". In fact, we only see him begin to have some redeeming qualities in the later portions of the Clone Wars animated series, almost as though it was an afterthought and Lucas realized, "Oh no! I forgot to actually make the 'tragic hero' a hero! Better fix that somehow..."
I was thinking this too, Anakin was much better portrayed in the clone wars animated series. We saw a hero with flaws.....
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