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All tragic heroes are flawed. That's the point. Anakin couldn't have been this cool, collected and self-assured in the prequels. If he had been, then it would have been ridiculous for him to have fallen. It's why his son was similarly flawed in the OT and only after seeing where he was headed turned forever from evil (Dark Empire did not happen. ).
Luke's 'tempation' the dark side was anger over the cruelty of the Emperor and the suffering/death of his friends.

Anakin's was "Nobody appreciates how awesome I am!"

Yes I know it was supposed to be about saving Padme, but that aspect was vastly overshadowed by him sitting there getting petted like a dog by Palpatine while whining about how the Jedi weren't giving him enough respect.

Even the Padme thing doesn't work that well. He had no idea if the Jedi could save her or not because he was afraid to tell them about their relationship. So he won't risk being cast out of the Order to save Padme, but he'll burn the Order to the ground and slaughter his former friends and comrades to do it.

It would have been far better if he had come clean about it and been cast out, then turned to Palpatine. That would have been tragic, giving up everything to save her then ultimately falling into darkness.