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there are passives that boost accuracy there are companions with both passive accuracy boosts and accuracy cooldowns. USE THEM

Oh there are companions that reduce target's maneuverability by 20% for 20 seconds, now that's a I WIN against a scout.

Otherwise than your no better than the guys in ground pvp saying tanks need to be nerfed because they (dps) are entitled to kill everything they target.

Also strikes have this crazy BS known has one-shotting peoples shields and draining engine power at the same time with IC, and then two shotting my hull with quads. Seriously every scout lives in terror of being one or two shotted at any given time. Did I mention that concussion missile frigging ignore shields and go straight to my hull? And PTorps are a one-shot kill on a scout.
You haven't flown that many strike classes have you. there is no Accuracy boosting ability that the Strike can use only one that drops evasion by 20% but it is extremely rarely taken by any one and even with 20% drop that 79% still is 59% miss chance or 69% is still 49% or 49 is still 29%. If you take that one that drops evasion by 20% you can not take Servo Gammers and if you do take it all they have to do is out run you for 20 second don't use their evasion moves just run and then come back with their evasion moves up meaning its useless against the pilots I am talking about.

Concussives only pierce 30% shield Proton torps have a 100% shield and armor Peirce and only do 860 Damage that is not a one shot you will live through that, it also takes 4 seconds to Lock on and only has a 12 degree firing Arc. Upgraded distortion field breaks missiles locks and so does LoS and so does range and so does retro thrusters.

Only the first strike has access to Ion Cannons and again with the evasion of the pilots I am talking about a good 80% of those shots aren't landing, by the time one lands you are already dead.