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A few things...
First, it is difficult to feel invincible in PVP even with maxed out tank gear. Tank mods require you to take Defense rating, which is not that useful in PVP. Also, other players' autocrits on you ignore shield/absorb rating. In other words, tanking gear will give you some more survivability than if you were in dps gear, but not that much.

Second, you said your shield only lasts 10 seconds. I think you have confused the Energy Shield ability with Shield/Absorb rating. Those are two completely separate forms of mitigation. Energy shield must be activated and is flat 25% dmg reduction on all incoming attacks for 15 seconds. Shield rating gives you a passive chance to mitigate incoming attacks at all times; there is no time limit. Each incoming attack (except autocrits, which are never shielded) will be subject to a computerized dice roll and if successful, you shield the attack, reducing the damage you take. When you shield an attack in this way, Absorb rating determines how much additional damage reduction you receive.

Third, having 0 power is not a huge deal if you have full tank gear. That's a matter of personal preference. The only thing power does is increase the damage of your attacks. Mastery does the same thing, but at a slightly lower rate than power. If you get confused about which stats do what, open your character sheet and hover the mouse over each stat. Also, there are guides on Dulfy and other sites that can help.

In summary, PVP tanking in full tank gear is frustrating right now. Compared to dps gear, you lose a ton of damage on your attacks and gain only a little survivability. Stay tuned to the "Dev Tracker" forum, though. Patch 5.9 comes out in April and supposedly will change the way tank gearing works. I don't know how yet, we'll find out more when they release the patch notes.
thanks for the clarity. Huge help you are