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It is the first time I play a sage (balance); I am lvl 54 atm on Corellia and this class is absolutely unplayable w/o a companion. Pls note I am talking about PVE as this class is so weak that I would never dream of PVP with it. I literally die within seconds w/o a companion. In fact that is the reason the companions have such a high amount of armor and dps (to make up for a very weak sage). Someone at Bioware really dislikes the consular class. Ironically my character would never stand against any of my companions in an actual fight. How lame is that?
It's funny how to me Balance Sage is the easiest class to play with a DPS companion (meaning, I take almost all all damage, I sustain myself) or without it completely, it makes almost no difference as he just helps with DPS. Even during heroics it's enough for me to just run a tank companion. Basically, I never use a healer companion on a Balance Sage unless doing some Master mode chapter or something. The spec has so much self healing, it's nuts. The only one that is close is Ruffian scoundrel with it's free Kolto pack or commando specced into all the OP utilities.

So, all I am saying is that in right hands Balance Sage is one of the best self sustained classes. Basically, if you are dying as Balance Sage during whatever you are doing without your companion, there are 2 options:

1) This content is not meant to be done purely solo. If Balance sage can't do it, no DPS spec can, except, probably, commando. So, it's not the problem with the class.

2) You are just not good enough with the class/not geared enough (being lvl 54 does make your defenses quite a bit more limited. Still, if we are talking about just some story quests that you are doing solo, it's you, not the class).

I literally die within seconds w/o a companion
Do you start the fight with Force Armor on you? Do you use Rejuvenate for the self healing and armor boost? Are you specced into Damage reduction and self healing utilities? Are you using Force Serenity basically on cooldown?

Again, from what I understand, you are just doing story quests on Corellia as a lvl54. There is no way you should be having such troubles. Check if your gear isn't 30 levels behind, check if it isn't damaged.