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"I once had a guy come in here looking to buy an original CloakShape. I just laughed and told him that there's no such thing as an 'original' Cloakshape."
―Shug Ninx

The cloakshape fighter. This fighter is one of those that has changed over time. It's cheap to build and maintain, easily customized, and about as tough as a Z-95. It's also another one of my favorite fighters around. If I was a smuggler or a gun for higher, and wanted a ship, but not a freighter, this is what i would roll with.

The cloakshape came around about the time of the Y-wing. They are slow at sub-light speed, and had small power plants stock. So without upgrades in deep space they were fairly lacking Plus they had light cannons. Infact the dual tail section was an add-on kit , but since it was around for so long, most people though it was stock. But they had very good atmospheric capabilites which made them good defensive craft. Also it came without a hyperdrive installed, and a common kit was a sled ring, much like the Delta-7 jedi star fighter.

You might say with all these dis-advantages what is good about the ship. This thing had a hull that could take a beating. And these ships were HEAVILY customizable. How much money you had, and your ingenuity could turn this fighter into something that could be feared.

Due to how many times the cloakshape, there were no origional cloakshapes anymore.

History of these fighters is long and distinguished. There was a bounty hunter that chased the Millenium Falcon across nar shaddaa in one. The Jedi actually commissioned a Variant called Whitecloak fighters that were in use before the clone wars. They were modified to carry atleast to people, the cockpit could be separated as an escape capsule, and it contained it's own hyper drive. Plus the laser cannons were upgraded. There was even a squadron that was assigned to Han Solo as he hunted the Warlord Zinij.

There was also another cloakshape fighter that was the personal craft of the Azanti assassin Kell Douro. What was special about his cloakshape was it had stolen Stealth X technology to make it almost invisible to sight and radar, and it had holding cells aboard. And to top it off it had a hyper drive, just to show that creativity and how much money you had, you can make a cloakshape an amazing fighter.

Hope you all enjoyed the read on this rather amazing robust fighter. These fighters had even more longevity than the Y-wing, as the cloakship was used well into the One Sith empire as customs ships, and patrol ships.
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