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Quote: Originally Posted by totherkins View Post
Comp 1
Comp 3

Healer 1: Operative
Healer 2: Operative/mercenary
Healer 3: Sorc(bubble or AoE)
node guard: assassin
DPS 1: carnage mara
DPS 2: jugg smash
DPS 3: sniper
DPS 4: PT(pyro, possibly AP)
The above is the only mention of mercenary (commando) for rateds. Here is the breakdown:
  1. gdn / jugg : 12
  2. sent / mara: 12
  3. sage / sorc: 9
  4. shad / assas: 12
  5. comm / merc : 1 (should this be 1/6?)
  6. vang / pt: 9
  7. scoun / oper: 10
  8. gunsl / sniper: 4

I only counted when folks made it easy. E.g. the quoted post above. If you provided 2 lineups, I counted both (with 3 I ignored one). I had a pad of paper next to me and I made a mark for each mention.

This survey is hardly scientific but it does confirm the obvious: Nobody wants to bring a commando to rateds. slinger / snipers can ride the rated bus but only if they sit in back. The rest of the advanced classes are reasonably well represented.

I didn't bother tracking which class and/or tree was being used.

It would be nice if BW could share some of their community composition metrics for the rated WZ community. E.g. the above but for everyone rated above X. It would also be interesting to see breakdowns of specs used for ACs based on WZ. I would think that if, in a single WZ, folks use many different specs on a single class that would be a good thing. If commandos healers are endangered species in RWZ then commando DPS are extinct.

Thanks for participating.

TANGENT: did commando/merc get a PvP buff on PTS 2.0?

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