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I got the phantom chestpeice and gloves from the GTN... i previewd them, and bought them because of how they looked...the one with out the lame shoulder , and with out a hood!

Are you and BW gona rob me on the look i spent time, credits and money to get?!?

So BW better give me that pre-patch look back!!!

Quote: Originally Posted by Magnusheart View Post
Update: C.S. Joveth even says it should appear like the promos

------------------------------------------------ Update ending

The Phantom set is, as and was ALWAYS Based as an inquisitor ROBE.

Crime Lord Pack gave an orange moddable set for Smugglers and Agents
Blockade Runner gave INQUSITORS and Consulars
Skip Tracer gave Knights and Warriors
Space Pirate will give Troopers and Bounty Hunters

Phantom set was to be as it looks on the advertisment, and I'll be damned if me, or the hundreds who wanted it fixed and have begged for it for 3 weeks will be ignored on our long plight.

Its not built to be a stealthy all black scubby ninja shirt. It was a Robe, why does no many people not understand this? You are complaining it looks like a robe now BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT IT IS. Seriously, this is frustrating. You guys put this on a Smuggler or a Agent or whoever thats your issue for putting a robe on that character and expecting it to magically transform to what you wish it to be.

It is plain and simple.

"All of the armor made for the cartel market were NOT quality checked by bioware, They did not notice or realize their error until the big obvious missing components on the Blockade Set. The items were ALL FIXED TO WHAT THEY WERE ORIGINALLY SPECIFIED TO LOOK LIKE."

Look closely at the Crime Lord Pack, The Spymaster set is now exactly as it is advertised, Eye Scanner on the helmet and all.

I don't really care if this thread gets flamed on because they think I am wrong, when I am putting logic into this. Not to mention it was listed in the known bugs for the longest time.

Besides Revan's Lower Robe default color being brown as a bug, and The Chestpeice having a 2nd hood mesh on the back. Everything is what it was supposed to be.

It does not need to be turned back. I can call out False Advertising with a legal right for a refund if it gets changed back, me and hundreds of others who have complained in the CS thread since December wanting this to be the way it was supposed to be.

Quote from all the people on the forums saying it wasnt explained enough on the forums.