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10.04.2019 , 10:34 PM | #31
Tested Chapter one of Kotet and the walker is still nerfed and unplayable.

Tested the decent of the Fearless and the Hemophilic tactical and got 16618 dps parse
Felt sluggish and I really need the higher GCD. that or I need to test against a target that is giving me focus from hitting me.
Force Clarity works well enough with the priority rotation a Vigilance Guardian has and it is my main. Still, I would expect that Deception could be boosted a bit or there might be a better tactical to use then Awakened Flame.

I used the same armoring, mods, and enhancements so they both have the same stats.

Ran Hammer Station solo and the bosses felt just right. needed to pay attention to the mechanics on last boss and felt I was going to die the second half of the fight. Refreshing.

The damage was about right to at 6k to 9k.
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