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Hey everyone,

I have seen quite a few questions about the status of the Roadmap, both in timing and in content. I know this is more of an announcement of an announcement, but the plan is to deliver the updated version before our October 6th SWTOR Cantina in New York. I also realize I’ve been more quiet this past month, but we’ve been hard at work making sure we avoid the issues we had last month with Game Update 5.4.

As a result, we pushed back the release date of Game Update 5.5 to October 10, 2017, and as you’ll find out, we have lots of activity happening every couple weeks. In the Roadmap, I will provide you with exactly what we’re doing through the end of 2017 plus a glimpse of early 2018. After it's published, we’ll make sure we are available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer any additional insight. For those of you participating at the Cantina, we have a fun surprise for you that we’ll announce in an upcoming Livestream.

Talk with you soon,

For all my posts calling BW/EA out on what I see are bad decisions, that's an appreciated post. It wasn't the post I was hoping for ( I was hoping for the roadmap). But I am not going to hate you or anyone for it. I can accept that October 6 is your deadline, and I won't lose any sleep over it.

I also hope that the reason the communication between BW/EA and the players (you want to ensure quality of the next update(s)) turns out to be justified, as in 5.5 releases without being a fiasco.

For all our negative posts about the game and BW/EA, I (and I'm sure others) really are rooting for you to succeed in delivering quality content.