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09.17.2017 , 04:06 PM | #3
I have leveled up most of my characters in warzones prior to 5.0, I don't care if it is slower because its fun, and I'm not going to do any story content more than once.

Lowbies/Midbies used to be a very active scene, it actually feels like a different game because the balancing is vastly different, without all those cheat death DCDs the environment is much more deadly and fast paced. If a sorc has bad positioning they are dead, no bubble or phasewalk, better pay attention! Also mercs don't have all of their cancerous heal-to-full utilities yet.

I wish Bioware would have an XP-off mechanic and remove the warzone limit for F2P accounts, then change the lowbie bracket to 26-50 and we could have amazing lowbie bracket.