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Are you thick or just a troll? Why does anyone complain about anything? To express dissatisfaction in the hope of effecting change. I imagine there are a huge number of non-compaining subscribers (like me, for example) for whom this isn't such a big deal. We don't care enough about the service being unavailable to complain about it. Those that do care enough, complain in the hope that EA will change something.

Is that a clear enough answer to your question?

Are you denying these people the right to complain? Complaints are what improves stuff. If no-one complains then nothing will change. I don't feel the need to complain about this issue, but I certainly wouldn't be so bloody arrogant as to deny anyone else the right to do so.
BioWare is already aware of this issue. They will address it when they feel like it. Complaining over and over and over gets you nowhere. Constant whinning only gets you mocked, ridiculed or ignored.