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I'm pretty sure none of them expect SWTOR to go on forever so whilst they may be sad when the game eventually shuts down I doubt they'll be "balling their eyes out".

I have little sympathy for the OP myself. It's not like s/he didn't know what they were getting into when they bought SWTOR and paid their sub as EA has had the same crap reputation for longer than that.
I'm actually laughing a bit at the post myself, truth be told. Especially because of how they constructed their "sick burn". Because they themselves say "may not be tomorrow but eventually". Yeah, I can say that about a lot of things.

The Earth may not be hit by a meteor tomorrow but eventually.
Winds of Winter may not come out tomorrow but eventually.
There may not be world peace tomorrow but eventually.
Humanity may not colonise the stars tomorrow but eventually.
The universe may not end tomorrow but eventually.
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