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Hey All,

Thought id introduce myself, I'm Cal, A 20 something guy from Ireland and budding web developer. I have been a member of the 'Remnants of the Jedi' ever since we first formed back in SWG (Naritus Server, 9 years ago). I was hoping for some feedback, positive and negative from the community on my guild's website that I have started to seriously develop over the last 6 months.

It originally started out as a very very simple SMF (Forum) based site over 2 years ago. It's main purpose was to reconnect the old and introduce some new members to our community. Over the last year I was approached to redevelop it as the guild leadership wanted to move away from a simple Forum based site and to be more professional. They didn't just want the site to be a place to go to to voice opinions or concerns on the game but eventually use it as a positive recruitment tool.

Anyways, You can find us here:

I am in the process of updating the splash page to match the current theme of the main site, but if you can provide any tips or critique I would really appreciate it as i'm still trying to piece it all together.

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