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Oh Ceryxp, ye who knows what an Oxford comma means.

You should know that AP writing style now discourages the use of mistress b/c there is no male equivalent. It is now archaic and sexist to use that term.

Ergo, it is not just logic, but fate, that is a cruel female companion.

LOL, funny you should mention that considering what happened over in this thread where I dared to use a gender neutral pronoun.

And yes, many a row was had between myself, my editors, and my journalism professor in college. They would frequently remind me that AP style does not use the Oxford comma, and I would inform them that AP is wrong. When AP announced they would do away with hyphens it was almost war. Battle lines were drawn and friendships were severed, but fortunately the AP relented, rescinding some of their proposed guidance. Alas, we lovers of the Oxford comma have yet to feel the thrill of vindication for your wayward little comma.

I should add, these discussions were all good natured. We would even make a game of coming up with sentences that were ambiguous in the absence of an Oxford comma. For example, "I love cooking, my kids and my dog."
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