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Ofc it is important to test things.... but still you must not forget that some specs have weaknesses which the player can not compensatea, absolutely irrelevant how good he / she is.

So in the end you can actually reach better results when forcing yourself to use a spec that has in theory less weaknesses.
Always keep in mind - you might be good with the one you are using but it certainly could be better.
Mostly, yes I agree. As usual Riiquiem, some really good responses. You are certainly the resident expert on DF, as I use it some but not primarily.

Also, you might be interested to know that there was something added to the 1.2 patch notes on the PTS. Bleeds from DF will now have a chance (not sure how much) to reapply their effects at a lower strength when they are cleansed/expended.

Also to jsalemi:
I'm a big fan of the pure Sab spec, with some in the Sharpshooter tree to get Ballistic Dampers, as that is where I get a lot of survivability. As Riiquiem said, there are advantages and disadvantages to all of the specs, and you want to maximize the benefits.

However, I disagree that you must learn to use the "best" one, or at least I disagree that there IS a best one. Granted, the pure damage available from DF is probably the best for the 3 trees, but for me Sab is preferred, because I do a decently large amount of damage (enough to get the job done) and I can survive much longer than in any other spec. I can hold a turret by myself for a long time, I can stand in the middle of the Huttball arena and hold it to keep grabbing the ball for an almost indefinite period of time, and I can keep a door busy in Voidstar for long enough for my friends to respawn. I play a very defensive style, and I like that. My numbers aren't in the 400k range usually, but I almost never lose (or at least by a lot).

Basically, what your playstyle is will mostly determine your spec. If I had to sum up the three basic options, IMHO they would be:
Damage: Dirty Fighting
Survival: Saboteur
PvE: Sharpshooter
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