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Quote: Originally Posted by Xerain View Post
there are two people up there with 51 kills.

250k damage to 51 people. = 4925!

The guy that did 350k damage to 50 people = 7071 damage per person.

That is 1.4358 times more damage per person he did than you with your crappy spec.

wait a minute... the other guy with 51 kills had 50k damage... that means he only damaged less than 1k per person! OMG HE'S BAD AEUIYWEPOU23PR4ORUP!!!QQQ

or maybe since he's a different spec he does things differently than mirroring a watchman, as do I.

and fyi I enjoy my game a lot more when I die the least out of everyone and have the highest kills of everyone. Not to even touch that numbers don't mean anything when it comes to winning.