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Greetings and Salutations all! Sorry for the silence lately, the final semester of college and looking for a job has been my main priority (So much so, I had to unsub from TOR! ), but I was able to resub through until January, and with a job lined up (*Crosses fingers*), I was able to come back, and after the 5.10 livestream, I am glad I did at the time! But, onto list updates.

First of all, I am going to remake the list on the first page. Other some parts seem to be in incorrect areas, I went and took photos of all the items in game, and am going to add them to the list, instead of the way they are now (Which are links to other photos.) It was something I always intended to change, but I never had the time to go back and do.

Second, I've got Tulak Hord's Lightsaber, and the Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set (As it is inspired by the Mandalorian Crusider's armor from Tales of the Jedi, and just looks awesome) added to my personal TOR items spreadsheet, and am going to update the shared one sometime later today or tomorrow, but I do have a few questions I need some help with.

1. Darth Andeddu's armor set. I'm debating if I should add this to the list or not. Technically, it's a lore armor set, but we never saw it until AFTER the TOR era...

2. I added the Commemorative Statue Of HK-51 to the list, but I am wondering if I should add some of the KotOR related statues and stronghold Decos to the list as well (Such as the Various Rakata, Yavin, and Massassi items, the three Mandalore Statues, The Revan Statues, and the Naga Sadow statue.)

Also, Now that a number of the armors are on the CM as direct sales (Except for the two I am still missing *Hint Hint*), I am going to be adding "CM Direct Purchase" to the "Pack that Armor Drops from" section in the list.
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