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10.30.2017 , 11:31 AM | #233
Today is the day! If you are like me, and don't have Revan's set (Or have bits and pieces of it), then you are in luck! Revan's Armor is on the CM for the week, as is Visas Marr's, and Freedon Nadd's Armor sets, and the three Classic Vibroswords. And the Galactic Legends Pack, and Revan's Heir title are still on the CM.

I also wanted to explain why I am so positive about this whole thing. I know that the KotOR items for sale are to celebrate KotOR I's Backward Compatibility on the XBox One, but I am using this as a chance to show Keith, and the rest of the team that people love the KotOR items that have been added in the game (Which I guess they already know since they are adding them to the CM! ), and that we want more KotOR items in the game, especially the missing KotOR 2 Companion armor sets (Bao-Dur and The Disciple). And this is the best way to do that, and cheaper than baking a whole crate of Wookiee Cookie and sending them to Austin with a note that says "Please add more KotOR items in the game! <3".
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