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Been waiting since this game launched for a Silver-White color crystal. My favorite color in the KOTORs. With a Silver-Black in game for years, it's really surprising it hasn't been out a long time ago.
I've made due with using the Silver-Blue crystal, as it looks close to the KotOR II Silver (Like the Tri-Color Artifice Crystals remind me of the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force colors from K1). But I can add that to the list!

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I definitely want to see Bao Dur's Armor Set.

Before I was also hoping for a G0-T0 minipet, but with the CM companions they have now I'd love to see either a G0-T0 inspired droid or at least a skin for the I-O8 or something.
I had always said they could add G0-T0 in the game like HK-51 or Treek, and attach a quest to get it. But maybe adding him in like the CM companions (Maybe as a direct sale, or in a a pack.) would be awesome. A skin would be cool too, but I want to hear G0-T0's snarky-ness.
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