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So, wanted to do Eyeless in HM but too early so we went story mode. Good thing, since a few things plus an operative roll later- I was immobilized and couldn't move. This bug has been in the game since I can remember and it's an absolute pain whenever I'm spamming anything to move again... now while I know certain things trigger it- it's insane how many bugs we're still navigating that get left in the game causing repeated issues, sometimes minor and sometimes so severe- and you spent time and resources on a new gear tier and reputation system for it.

The sheer resources you dumped into creating the Command system could have fixed many pre-existing issues. And I can't help but think what old and new bugs are just going to fester away in SWTOR for whatever comes next to try and make us keeping paying our subscriptions. I'm not talking content- I'm talking eldritch gear grind and nerfs designed purely to try and slow things down to hide the lack of content, or I don't know, NiM Gods being balanced around 252 over 248- hell, even 230-236-242 as SM/HM/NiM.

All I want is work put into the bugs and issues this game has and a commitment to putting that effort into fixing the mess would certainly be enough to keep my subscription running. It'd be one thing if it was just pure content being released without a new grind between expansions but instead it's ten thousand bug hunts on Ossus- and FYI, when your playerbase scrabbles to stay ahead of nerfs, PvP inequalities and to get to the first new NiM Operation since Dread Palace- it's not them enjoying the Ossus Grind Wars and 'give the players more of this'.

It's them desperately trying to keep what keeps them paying their subscription and then there's those who finally drop their subscriptions and if those people didn't matter- we'd still have West Coast servers.

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