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If warzones gave out 10000 credits each, then a lot of players would AFK warzones for credits.
You do realize that there's an auto-boot if you don't move from the spawn area, correct? And even if players somehow just farmed 3+ medals, then sat hiding in an area, others would point out to boot the AFK exploiter from the WZ.

No one really utilizes the Warzone boot option, but the players would eventually adapt. Regardless, AFKing to exploit now is virtually impossible.

Quote: Originally Posted by Maelael View Post
How? Seriously. Level 4-9 Artifacts and Compounds always return profit at bare bottom prices.

Example, level 9 compounds:
3-4k a Mission
Sells for 25k a 10 stack
6-10 return each mission

Even at oddball moments, or usual moments for Power Crystals and Metals, you're looking at 20k a 10 stack.

It's like, 7.5-10k profit at worst case scenario (Which is impossible as how the missions are rated, but whatever) every 30 minutes. x5: 37.5-50k Thats 75-100k an hour dude. Even if your server sells that stuff for half the price you're still basically looking at profit that should feed your need for any coin.

Honestly, if you're smart enough to PvP well, I don't see how you can't pull off selling crafting mats. I don't even mean that as an insult, it's just blunt honesty. PvP is WAY harder than doing an update every thirty minutes and matching the lowest or most reasonable price on a mat in the GTN.

Now where I can get behind you is time investment - because PvErs can do the same with crafting while making money hand over foot doing dailies and etc (Makeb/GSI dailies are amazing profit if you loot everything). That's a reasonable request - but saying you can't make any money at all is just nonsense to me.

(Reference wise, 2 hour stims are 25-50k each. You're still making a profit to augment out. Yes, its way easier and faster to do it in PvE though.)
Don't worry. I know you're not insulting me. This is just a intelligent discussion.

Those stats you provided me on how much these mats are worth are relevant to your server, but I don't know how it works on my server. Also, you know this stuff because you're a crafter. I'm not. I don't know how the market works with crafting, and the reason why I'm not willing to do it is because I have lost a huge profit two times in the past with the GTN. I don't want to waste my credits on these mats, and I'd prefer that BW provide better rewards for PvP so we can grind it out that way.

In PvE, it's way faster and a lot easier. You have the base missions, the bonus missions, the loot from mobs, etc. They have more content which makes it exponentially easier for them to do all this. Not only that, but they can farm mats in the Open World while doing their dailies. PvP'ers can do the same thing, but it can and may involve some form of PvE, which is something we'd prefer not to do. We'd rather stay away from the scripted fights and make the credits our own way, and grind for profits the way that compliments our play style.

Crafting really doesn't compliment a PvP'ers play style, and neither does going in the Open World to farm those mats.

Quote: Originally Posted by Maelael View Post
While a valid concern, this already happens - a lot. lol.
This still happens? Are you stuck at launch?

Please provide screenshots or something on how this still happens. Ever since the AFKing in Warzones was fixed a long time ago, I've never seen anyone AFK for a full match.

Quote: Originally Posted by ChewyYui View Post
How many petitions does it take to change a light bulb?

It doesn't matter, petitions never change anything
Look at the "lol bolster" thread. Though the responses from the devs and Community Managers are sickening to look at, that garnered tons of responses for BW to finally take notice and acknowledge us for once.