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Quote: Originally Posted by Maelael View Post
If you can't just take a few seconds every thirty minutes to refresh your gathering missions, and about 5 minutes a day to put everything in the GTN, the problem is you - not the game.

Seriously, 30k is all you need. You can make 100k-500k a night depending on crits and attention span while you warzone your brains out for a few hours. I do it, and made over a million in profit last week rather lazily.

I don't know why anyone would need over a million credits a week. Increased rewards would be nice, but it's no where near needed like the case you're making.
The cost outweighs the profit for me in crafting anyways. I play during the graveyard hours, so Warzone queues pop very slowly. I'd be losing more credits little by little. It wouldn't be noticed immediately, but as time goes on I'll keep losing credits until I sell all the mats or something. As for the mats, the mats are usually just the default ones and don't even go for much on the GTN.

As for the amount of credits needed, consider this variable: augmenting gear for better performance in PvP. Also, since I don't craft, I'd like to be able to afford buying the blue and powerful endgame stims to make my characters even stronger in PvP.

You're making utilizing the GTN and crafting sound so easy, when it's not. On top of that, it's not easy for someone who just wants to zealously PvP to try crafting, for only in the end, the attempt might end up costing them rather than being profitable.