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I have two friends who play shadows and one who plays operative, all say mercs are easier for them to sap cap. They also find a use for their stealth out basically on cooldown. So obviously its not useless. I at least admit FD has its use before i go into how to work around it.

All that said my simple point is that different classes work differently and have different advantages. I still think that anyone who believes guardian is in the same category as merc or sniper, especially one who fails to mention concentration sentinels, is missing the very nature of team play. 1v1 in this game is a sideshow at best. I admit sins probably arent the greatest in arenas. But then neither are guardians. Snipers and maras are probably the current kings in arenas. Mercs maybe but they're very interrupt prone.
As long as you have "different advantages." you create imbalance. DPS classes should, all things considered being equal mind you, your DPS output and overall survival should be relatively close to do otherwise negates the purpose of the other class! You create " I WIN CLASSES" another words its not skill that's winning its the overall class! It should be the other way around!

Case in point Merc's Snipers, jugs why play any other class if these High DPSing classes exist? Why play a mara or assassin the glass cannon specs? You'll do more DPS and survive longer on an I win class.