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And it looks like you've been playing for over 5 years too.

There was very little complaining from powertechs while the kill order was "merc first" in ranked since ranked started.

Maybe that's the flaw in your memory, it wasn't your problem so you don't remember it being a problem.
Actually throughout that time PT was in a good place, it was not OP or FOTM it was balanced well and had the same DCD as they do now with the exception of power yield (thats how long its been since getting anything new defensive wise), its just some classes such as Merc had less so they where the priority target. I do remember Merc's back then and i felt for them all it was a horrible time.

That is why PT were quiet they were happy and if played well, they did well.

The point i was trying to make which i did not make clearly In bringing up Merc they have been given so much to help them out which was needed i agree, but none of it was shared with the base class like other classes do, Mad Dash, Overload being good examples from other classes or the utilities that share among base class either, the kolto overload buff energy shield trauma stack utility to name a couple.
This is where i make recommendations for improvement to my class without reinventing the wheel as the abilities already exist in rocket out and jetboost or the self healing boost utilities mentioned above.

literally now in 6.0 with power yield PT have finally been given an additional DCD, but after so many years that alone falls far short of closing the defensive gaps other classes have been given.

Again their offensive is good, not great. you can go on all day about firefall critting off explosive fuel (which if possible wont stay like that forever), but against the new look 6.0 Sniper, Sorc, Sin, and Oper. 6.0 PT damage is below the halfway bar, and still has the worst/ least DCD of any class to boot.