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I dont understand why an off healing class such as Merc has been given all the DCD
And it looks like you've been playing for over 5 years too.

There was very little complaining from powertechs while the kill order was "merc first" in ranked since ranked started.

Maybe that's the flaw in your memory, it wasn't your problem so you don't remember it being a problem.

The offhealing was never good enough (devs changed the offheals 3-4 times IIRC) when combined with mercs being slow and easily crippled by interrupts/stuns/physics to break their their hard cast offheals exactly the same as crippling their damage by breaking their their hard cast tracer missiles.

The #1 defensive tactic for a merc before the massive healing DCDs was to pop hydraulics and run like a *****. Worked kinda ok in big map regs with objectives but where you gonna run to fully visible in a small pvp arena deathmatch?

After some worthless changes over the years developers were still drowning in calls for better DCD for pvp every time they checked up on the merc subforum.

So 5 years after launch they decide to kill off the meme of mercs in ranked pvp by loading the class with a baseline powerful heal/reflect/immunity with options for 2 more powerful automatic heals.

Powertechs kept real quiet because they were in a better position the entire time. You couldn't shut down a powertech like a merc, they yoloed at you with hydraulics on and burst you to death with instant attacks. Sure they had similar DCD to a merc but they could kill you during their DCDs while a merc would sit there getting interrupted and doing little damage OR offhealing.

On that note, it's worth bringing up the almighty yolo that PTs have in 6.0, autocrit AOE Firefall/Ionfall which I believe hits harder than any other ability in the game, to everyone around the PT. And people spam threads about assassins and operatives hitting hard.

So once again PT's have a refresh of their ability to yolo in and oneshot other players with massive burst while not really needing to worry about DCDs for the long fight.

Still did get a new DCD/DPS CD anyway.

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