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Ok, give PT 2 more dcd's and nerf all damage by 25%. Balanced.
Nah, PT have 2 less DCD then most classes. I was going to take time out of my day to write up a post with every single class DCD outlined for comparison which would would really highlight the gap but for those that actually play this game this is already a well known fact and would more be to enlighten people such as yourself.

There is a reason PT gets focused first in ranked and it isn't because of there outstanding damage capacity its cause they go down fast

Also the damage is on the lower end of the scale now if early data from parsely is anything to go by and from what i can see in PVP matches they are being well out DPS by several other classes which have better DCD so a damage nerf does not sound like a well informed opinion.

The only shining light is we have a cool and somewhat decent set bonus and decent/useful ability addition of Power Yield in 6.0, where other classes did not get as useful abilities which really goes to show even Bioware thinks this class needed more where others did not,

The truth is it still needs more love because the Gap is just that far apart.