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11.18.2019 , 10:48 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by Delani View Post
but their dcds are not what the class needs.
Your suggestion is a DCD, and its exactly what the class needs, a lot more of them actually. We have the weakest DCD of any class.

I have suggested previously giving them rocket out and jet boost, with a utility that enables jet boost to root anyone hit by it. they have okay damage reduction DCD already, whats needed is DCD that knock people around to get them off you or get themselves out of sticky situations quickly.

I think they could also deserve a reflect as every other class seems to get one but not one as powerfull as your example, perhaps running off thermal sensor override for 3 seconds.

I dont understand why an off healing class such as Merc has been given all the DCD, look at Jugg and Sin off tanks they have way better DCD then PT does.