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-note: I'm playing PvE, no idea whats happening in PvP, and I'm playing on the dark side, so you'll see Empire class/ability names only-
Sorry for my english^^

Currently there are only 8 Classes 3 Specs in SWTOR. Tactical Gear can be used, to support a unique playstyle and make an old class feeling new, while minor balancing can also be achieved. I prefer a more active playstyle with choices!
Let's have an in depth look at some advanced classes/specs:

+ Force Speed Damage Reduction and Force Shroud carrying anything, Procs, Movement (Phantom Stride/Force Speed)
- Range what's that?, Porting is always a lot of fun...

General Tactical Gear:
Force Speed can have an additional Charge (2 total), but now has a recharge time of 40s.
> Another Defensive Ability for Assassin would be worst Case. But Force Speed is also an utility tool for movement. Having two Stacks allows a consecutive use in difficult situations to survive longer or to rush over the battle field. But the much higher recharge rate prevents a frequent use. Choose: I want to use it frequently or I want to have more charges and receive the possibility of reacting much better to different situations at a higher recharge rate.

+ Defensive Cooldowns, Damage Mitigation
- Damage Output

Darkness Tactical Gear:
Dark Ward's charges no longer grant shield chance and consuming them no longer grants shield absorption. Dark Ward's charges now increase the player's damage by 2% per Stack active. Consuming a charge now grants a Buff, stacking 10 times lasting 20s or until Dark Ward is activated again, allowing the player to heal for 2% of damage dealt per stack, but also decreasing armor by 1% per stack.
> Assassins are way too safe while dealing zero damage at the moment (no damage no fun). Without 18% Shield Chance, 10% Shield Absorption, and 10% armor a proper use of defensive CDs and the right abilities should be mandatory to survive. But the damage increase of 30% in total at max. stacks could be worth it. The life leech should be enough to stay alive (with healers of course). Feels like a real Assassin, my life bar is dancing.

+ Single Target Burst, good sustained damage, Crit dependend
- Crit dependend, aoe

Deception Tactical Gear:
Discharge can have one more stack (4 total) but doesnt gain more damage, instead discharge releases a much bigger blast, damaging nearby enemies (within 8m, up to 8) for 75% of main target damage. Recklessness and phantom stride still grant 3 Stacks.
> Deception's aoe damage isn't bad but doesn't fit to a character focussing on burst damage. Choose: Single Target 3 Stacks or Multi Target 4 Stacks without further increasing damage. Releasing three Discharges in quick succession is still possible, but not if you want aoe damage. You need to use a filler ability, because your stack abilities only grant 3 stacks in total.

+ Movement, Damage Mitigation (Saber Reflect, Mad Dash), AoE, jack of all Trades
- ...

General Tactical Gear: -old but gold-
Ravage deals increased damage and needs to be channeled.
> sorry, i miss it <3

+ aoe, defensive Cooldowns
- long cooldowns, damage

Immortal Tactical Gear:
Using Ravage grants a Buff for Vicious Slash and Sweeping Slash, activating either consumes the buff: Vicious Slash's Damage is increased by 100% and the cooldown of Ravage is reduced by 5s after activating vicious slash. You receive 5% more damage for 15s, stacking up to 10 times. - Sweeping Slash heals you for 5% of maximum health and reduces the cooldown of Saber Ward and Invincible by 5s, also consuming one stack of increased damage taken.
> Long Cooldowns are a problem for Immortal, damage is a problem too (as for any tank). You can deal much more damage with Vicious Slash and the 1/3 CD reduced Ravage, but you gain much more damage too. Stack up as high as you dare, then use Sweeping Slash to reduce the stacks and heal, while reducing your defensive cooldowns. Or use Sweeping Slash more freequently for more Survivability. Why Sweeping Slash? Because Vicious, Sweeping and Assault are the only abilities without a cooldown - Assault would be stupid with all the rage you gain.

+ aoe, Movement, single Target, Reflect
- Defensive Cooldowns

General Tactical Gear:
Shield Probe no longer grants a shield, but places a 180 curved barrier in front of the operative lasting for 10s. All Damage (dealt and taken) is reduced by 40% while behind the barrier (up to 5m), other players gain 10% Buff and Malus while behind the barrier. Shield Probes Cooldown is increased to 50s (45s with utility)
> Operative has a nice Defensive CD, Evasion, but it only works against direct attacks. Shield probe is a weak skill. Replacing it by a stationary skill, which decreases damage taken can be a great tool to avoid spikes of damage, while not being oberpowered because the CD is much higher and damage dealt is also significantly decreased. Utility points (Heal, and increased shield amount) could be like: the operative heals for 1% of maximum life per second while behind the wall / the damage dealt debuff is reduced to 20%, but duration is also reduced by 50%.
There're parallels to sniper (sniper shield), but I think it's kinda different in function.

+ aoe, single Target, movement
- Defensive Cooldowns

Lethality Tactical Gear:
Quickening now also buffs Evasion. The Use of either Kolto Infusion or Evasion consumes the Buff. Evasion absorbs all force/tech hits during the duration and converts them in a DoT over 5s (3 hits) for 75% of damage absorbed.
> The problem for Lethality isn't melee/range damage, but force/tech. Shield Probe is the only pssible defensive cooldown for this kind of damage. Shield probe shields ~15k ... Allowing Evasion to convert hits in a DoT has two effects. First healers have a chance to react, damage is split up in three hits and reduced by 25%, as well as utilizing Lethality's passive Toxic Regulators. (30% reduced DoT Damage). For example: 210k hit > each DoT Tick 52k > Toxic Regulators 37k > total 110k. Second you cant reflect anymore because damage is absorbed - choose: reflecting or surviving. (reflect utility with this tactical gear maybe like: instead reduces the damage taken to 65% of damage absorbed)

+ single Target, movement, Burst, Defensive Cooldowns
- AoE, sustained damage

Concealment Tactical Gear:
Volatile Substance: When exploding on a enemie affected by Toxic Haze, also damages any other enemies affected by your Toxic Haze.
> Toxic Haze is an awesome ability, unless you play concealment. Neither Haze nor Noxious Knives are a good AoE for Concealment identifying as a burst spec. Using Toxic Haze in combination with Volatile Substance allows a nice delayed (2 GcDs until explosion) AoE, while also requiring a well placed Haze.

+ aoe, Defensive Cooldowns, single Target, utility
- stationary (makes him unique)

General Tactical Gear:
Cover Pulse no longer knocks nearby enemies away, instead cover pulse places a drone within 35m range pulling all enemies within 25m around the probe engaged in combat with the sniper to the drone.
> What is the one thing snipers want to do? Exactly, SPAM AOE. To support their different ways of dealing huge amounts of aoe damage, all requiring enemies standing close together, they now have a pull, while giving up their knockback as a defensive or utility tool.

+ single Target, movement, Defensive Cooldowns, AoE
- DoT spread feels clunky

While under the effect of Target Aquired Corrosive Grenade hits all targets within 10m (+5m) of the main target and casting 3 Lethal Shots in a row reduces Target Aquired's CD by 5s.
> Virulence spread feels very clunky. Corrosive Grenade has a range of 5m around the main target, which is pretty bad. A larger radius while under the effect of Target Aquired allows a much better spread and therefore a better energy regeneration. In addition rewarding risky play (casting 3 lethal shots in a row) makes the static spec much more fun.

Sorry for the long post! Sorry for my english! PLEASE bring tactical gear with influence on gameplay ingame, not just passives like "2% increased damage done"! Have a nice day :b
Ray @Tulak Hord