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11.24.2012 , 03:35 AM | #16
Depends on the fight.

Ex: In soa's last phase, I'm pretty much leading since I'm the one calling "ready to be on boss" when I'm about to introduce a pillar to his head.

In kephess the undying in TFB, healer or ranged dps calls who have the nanite, and I call the pylon I'm dragging him toward.

I'm in a casual guild, and i'd say we all use our own leadership. Ops leaders and more experienced players explain mechanic pre-fight, and decide of the tactic we'll use, then once in the ones who calls the shot depends on his position mainly, and coordinate others.

However, no matter your position, never hesitate to step up if no one is doing it. On my DPS sorc, I once pugged SM EV and it was chaos on Soa. Offtank forgot the tank part of his job, and when main tank got mindtrapped, soa started running after our healers with him never realizing it, 2 dps where hitting on the shield rather than mindtraps, main tank died, none of the healer rezed him, I was the one to run and do it.

In organized guild raid, you will mostly fall into natural teamwork and those thing are pretty much taking care of themselves. In pug, don't hesitate to pick up leadership if no one is, and you have the knowledge for it.