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Just roleplay your character based on those motivations/guideline, make your choices based on it, and don't worry about where their alignment ends up. Those end up being the most interesting and human characters compared to the pure LS or DS ones.
This is exactly the right approach for any character in my opinion. I personally had an amazing experience playing through the Inquisitor's class story, the only other class that came even close to the Inquisitor was the Imperial Agent. Chapter 2 onward especially resonated greatly with me, and it felt positively cathartic to put Sith Lords and Moffs in their place as my character grew in power.

I leveled my Inquisitor before the LS/DS commitment system was implemented, and for the most part of the class story he stayed neutral, and only accumulated enough LS points to reach Light I right before the end just in time to be named Darth Imperius rather than Occlus. From RotHC onward however, he went pretty much full LS, although he still did make DS decisions from time to time. He did make plenty of those in Onslaught, by the way, as he killed several Darths and the king of Onderon as a saboteur.

As for my Inquisitor's motivations, he is primarily motivated by his hatred of the Empire (DS), but he will help other victims of slavery and oppression (LS).

But overall, what Nefla said. Don't look at the LS/DS icon in your dialogue wheel (better yet, turn it off) and think of your character in terms of personality and motivations.