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Well you will do less than great damage against darkness/KC players simply because well as you said they are tanks and yes recruit against warhero you will feel the hurt. From what I read (I do not play sniper or GS so this is from the forums and players I know that play the class) assassins seem to be a good counter for snipers but once you start to get more pieces of BM and eventually WH you have amazing damage potential so keep your head up with a few weeks of some effort (I know its a game and people don't want to hear that word) things will get better.
Will i NEED the Warhero gear or could i live on BM without getting *****?
And from my understanding, i thought Sins countered us because they had stealth, When i cover pulsed one + entrenched i atleast expected him to pop a CD, Nope, Just tanked it. Blah.

Does entrench protect against knockback? No issues with it so far, But i don't want to be suprised.